Product Application

Protein Powder

BSFL protein powder ideal for poultry, aquafeed, and as a partial substitute feed for animal.

Live Larvae

BSFL live Is a natural protein producer fed with 100% natural sources.

Dried Larvae

BSFL dried can be used as a snack for poultry and pet animal.


BSFL by-product that have optimum NPK ratio and suitable for plant, flower and vegetables as a natural fertilizer.


-Increase average daily weight gain compare to normal chicken feed

-Enhances immune activities and increases survivability of chicks against experimental infection of Salmonella Gallinarum

-A 16% higher cost benefit ratio and 25% better return on investment by using BSFL chicken feed addition compare to normal chicken feed which was 19% more expensive.


The growth of fish that have been replaced by BSFL meal protein were higher than those fish fed with normal fish feed.

Research stated that the digestibility of the BSFL diet was found to be very good and no alterations of the intestinal morphology.

Stamer, A., Wesselss, S., Neidigk, R., Hoerstgen-Schwark, G. (2014) Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) larvae-meal as an example for a new feed ingredients’ class in aquaculture diets. [Conference paper] Proceedings of the 4th ISOFAR Scientific Conference 2014.

Pet Food

Novel protein source with high lauric acid content, rich amino acid and excellent source of calcium.

Beynen, A. (2018). Anton C . Beynen, 2015(September), 40–41.


Frass has beneficial value as it can be used as an organic fertilizer for your plant.

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